14/ 02/ 16




Helllllllo world!!! Glad to see you made your way to my site and better yet…my first post.

I’m Cara Farrell, a twenty something from California who just moved to New York.

I have decided to up my game and create a place where I can let me creativity reign free! Not only will you be able to read about my daily life happenings but you’ll also be able to find posts about some of my passions…beauty, music, entertainment, FOOD and of course lifestyle.

I’m excited to begin this journey, I hope you’ll join me!!!


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2 responses to “Welcome!!”

  1. Debi Lang says:

    Cara, I love this but not sure if my post with show up.

  2. Paula H says:

    You did it! Love the look of your blog. I will be following your adventures, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you! XO

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