20/ 03/ 16

Weekly Roundup – Moving, Art & Design



It’s been a minute since I’ve posted!! The past few weeks have been NUTS! It all began with the move to my new apartment almost 3 weeks ago. I am officially a Lower East Side girl…and loving it.

This neighborhood is just amazing…especially compared to my old one. Before my move I lived on 9th and 34th Street at The Webster Apartments. Anyone who knows NY at all knows this area is a touristy mad house…glad I made it out when I did. Did I mention I didn’t even have a kitchen there? The building was a perfect spot to start but I was ready to move onto a place better suited for me. You don’t realize how nice basic necessities are until you go with out them. Being able to leave my shampoo in the shower, making a cup of coffee while I get ready in the morning, having a queen sized bed…GAME CHANGERS. We are slowly decorating but you know I’ll be posting photos as it begins to come together.

Since I’ve been kinda MIA the past few weeks I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures of what I’ve been up to 🙂

The Armory Show, Architectural Digest Design Show, The Guggenheim, Lil Jon and Andy Warhol. Enjoy!














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